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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools

Year 6

Weekly Update

Friday 21st January


Dear Parents and Carers,

A huge thank you to all the children for their hard work and resilience during a difficult week. We understand that some children cope with SATS easier than others, we are all very proud with how the children have conducted themselves.


Our learning next week:

In maths, we will continue our work on percentages. We have not finished this unit of work due to the impact of SATS on the timetable. We will learn how to find a percentage of an amount, look at percentage change and finally use percentage to compare amounts.

In English, we will plan a balanced argument on whether Landfill should leave the Hinterlands. Our protagonist has never known the real world, the children will discuss the reasons for and against Landfill setting out on his own adventure.

In foundation, we will be learning about sweat shops. The children will look at the negative and positive aspects of such a workplace.


A few notices:

Mock SATS – we will be returning the children’s papers to them later in the week. Please consider that the children are not at the end of their academic journey and therefore there are aspects of the papers that children have not yet learnt.

Boosters – we will be starting booster sessions in the afternoons to further support our children with their core subjects. All children will partake in additional maths and reading, these will be revision based and purely to secure understanding from previous learning. Short booster sessions of around 30 minutes will take place 3 or 4 times a week. On top of this, we have identified some children that will work alongside teachers in a small group out of the classroom, focusing on maths and writing. We will be allowing the children brain breaks in the afternoon and time outside with their friends to reward their hard work. These boosters will be reviewed frequently and the groups are flexible depending on progress made.

Library books – we still have a few overdue library books in Year 6, please could you have a look for any books that need to be returned.

SATS evening – Year 6 will be hosting a virtual SATS evening for parents and carers, more communication will be sent out in in the upcoming weeks.

To contact the Year 6 Team, please use this email address:


Many thanks,

The Year 6 Team

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps will be updated on a half-termly basis in 2021-22. 

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Curriculum Information 2021-22

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Year 6 Home Learning

To contact the Year 6 Team, please use this email address:  





Reading guide for home learning


Spelling: This spelling site is offering the opportunity for parents to download an app with a free subscription.


Maths Fluency Guide For Parents

Times Tables Rockstars

Hit the Button

 Daily 10

 A great website for generator Times Table worksheets (online and to print).

 Doodle Maths (App also available)


THPT Learning Resources page - various games and activities from across the curriculum:

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Fun French activities: 

Lumens French Award

Ideas to stay active at home: 

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