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Eastwick Schools

Year 3

Weekly Update 

Friday 24th June 2022


Dear Parents and Children,

Our Egyptian Topic has kept us all interested and busy again this week. We really enjoyed making our Egyptian masks.

In Maths, we will be learning to relate fractions to division as we learn to share whole objects, for instance share three pies equally between 4 children so each child gets ¾ of the pie. We will learn this through practical activities and journaling. We will also have a lesson about making turns using the language clockwise, anti-clockwise, half a turn, three quarters of a turn.


In English, we will be learning about the features of a biography. We will be relating this to the life of Cleopatra. We will be researching and then writing our own biography about this female Egyptian Pharaoh. Our guided reading will be linked to our English, with a focus on comprehension.

In science we will be learning about fruits and seeds. We will be asking relevant questions and using different types of scientific enquiries to answer them.

In Topic, we will be learning about why the Ancient Egyptians mummified people and the different stages of the mummification process. We will be mummifying our own Pharaoh (a tomato). Please make sure your child has brought in a tomato to school by Monday’s lesson. We will also be learning about the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb, what these important historical sources tell us about Ancient Egypt and considering the ethical implications of digging up the past. We will also consider what modern day items would be useful to make the Ancient Egyptian’s treacherous journey to the afterlife.

In PSHE, we will be exploring what makes a good friend through discussions and case studies. We will then act out our ideas and make our own artwork reflecting our ideas of what makes a good friend.

On Wednesday it will be move up morning. The children will be collected by their Year Three teachers as normal and will be in class with us until they are collected by their new Year Four teacher at around 9.30 am.

All children will spend time with their new teachers taking part in planned activities before returning to Year Three in time for lunch. The children will have time in the afternoon, when back in class, to talk about how their mornings went and to ask any questions about their time in their new year group.

Panthers swimming session will take place as normal on Wednesday.

In other areas, we will be taking part in PE lessons on Tuesdays with Mrs Line and with Mr Evans on Thursday. Please do ensure your child has a waterproof coat on Tuesday as all PE sessions take place outdoors. Please can you also send your child in wearing joggers or similar as the children are orienteering in the woodlands where there are nettles.

Swimming starts this week with Tigers and Leopards sessions on Tuesday, and Panthers on Wednesday. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help with this.

Tigers sessions in the pool will run from 12.20– 1.35 with time allowed for changing before each session begins. As our lunch begins at 11.45 you may want to order your child a sandwich on this day if their session is at 12.20. The three Leopards sessions start at 1.35 and end at 2.50. Swimming groups are to be determined by the swimming coach based on the information that you have sent and an assessment during the first lesson. Please do ensure that your child has a sunhat and sun cream with them to apply during these hot days as they are spending a lot of time outside! Have a good week,

The Year Three Team


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Listen to the story of Stig of the Dump by clicking on the links.  Can you recognise any of the teachers reading the story? 

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