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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools

Year 3

Weekly Update Friday 9th June 2023

Summary of this week:

The Year 3 teachers were very happy to welcome back the children this week, after a sunny half term! The children came back smiling and full of energy and have launched themselves straight into this half term’s learning. We have been learning about different types of angles in Maths, have started our new text “Robin Hood” in English and even mummified tomatoes in our History lesson, to see how the Ancient Egyptians used to preserve bodies!

Our learning:

Maths:  We will be learning about different types of angles and also starting our unit on shape.


English: We will be learning about formal letter writing and will plan our own letters to write to Robin Hood!



In History, we will be learning about Cleopatra.

In PE, we will be preparing for Sports Day and continuing with swimming!

In Science, we will be learning about what plants need to successfully grow and we will set up an experiment to test this!
In Art, we will learn about sculptures and how different artists present their ideas. 


Please refer to students homework books.

Notices & Reminders:

Please be reminded that the Junior Book Fair is on the week commencing Monday 12th June. It will be outside the Year 3 classrooms on the grass from 3.15 – 3.50 each afternoon that week and also between 8.30 and 9.00 on the Tuesday morning.


Please continue to practise the song lyrics with your children for our Year 3 and 4 Musicals production. The show is quickly approaching us and there is still lots to learn! Lyrics were sent out via parent mail before the half term. Children can start bringing in their costumes in a named carrier bag. Most of Year 3 are just wearing black clothing, as they are part of the singing chorus. The Year 3s who go to Miss Bullock’s performance club after school will be wearing costumes in line with the “Matilda” section on the costume list. Please speak to Miss Bullock at the classroom door in the mornings if you are unsure!


Thank you as always, 

Miss Bullock, Mrs Martyn, Mrs Harding, Mrs Porter and the Year 3 support staff. 


To contact the Year 3 Team, please use this email address:   

Curriculum Maps 

Curriculum maps will be updated half-termly in 2022-23.  

Autumn 1 2022-23

Spring 1 2022-23 Summer 1 2022-23

Autumn 2 2022-23

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Parent Information Evening September 2022

Year 3 Curriculum Presentation

Year 3 Home Learning

To contact the Year 3 Team, please use this email address:   


Listen to the story of Stig of the Dump by clicking on the links.  Can you recognise any of the teachers reading the story? 

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Common exception words

Homophones activity pack This spelling site is offering the opportunity for parents to download an app with a free subscription.  



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Snap Maths

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Other Resources: 


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 Staying Active:

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