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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools


Year 1

Weekly Update

Friday 24th June 2022


Dear Parents,

We have had a another busy week in school this week!



Here are the following dates:

- Monday 27th June Amber Class 10.10am- 11.50am

- Monday 27th June Pink Class 1pm- 2.45pm

More dates to follow

Please could we have as many parent helpers as possible (with a DBS) to help get our children ready for swimming. Please note you can help in both classes if you wish. Please let the class teacher know ASAP if you would like to help.

If you have not got a DBS and would like to support with swimming, please click on this link to process your DBS application;


In English, the children wrote their plan for imitating the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. Next week the children will use their pans to write this story.

In Maths, the children have been learning about comparing numbers using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. Next week the children will continue to work on this subject area.

In Science the children have been continuing to learn about animals, looking at their groups (herbivore, omnivore, carnivore).

In PSHE and RE, the children will be looking at our world and how we can look after it. We will be continuing this next week.

In Geography the children have started looking at directions and maps. They will continue this learning next week.

In Computing, the children will begin to look at programming using the Beebots. The will continue this learning into next week.

Next week in Art, the children will be continuing the learn about the artist ‘Rousseau’.



A gentle reminder to all that the spelling books should be treated like any other school book. Therefore, please look after these books by ensuring you complete your spellings on a weekly basis and with the best presentation possible. Please ensure you write in pencil only. Thank you.

Spellings are given out each Monday and need to be handed back and completed the following Monday. You will find the children’s spellings stuck into their spelling books. There is a prompt sheet in the front cover of their spelling books giving the children different ideas and strategies to help them with their spellings. If you need any assistance with this please speak to your class teacher.

If you would like to support your children with phonics to ensure that they are articulating their sounds correctly, please watch this video to support your child further:

For Maths, we have stuck in your child’s Numbots login details inside the cover of their reading record books. You can access numbots using this link below:

Please could you support your child with counting on from any given number within 100. Please encourage your children to put a number in their head and hold their fingers up to count on,

for example, 63+3= . Put the number 63 in your head, put 3 fingers up and count on like this, 63 (in head) ,64,65,66..

Please continue to work on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Thank you.

For Writing, please continue to practise letter and number formation at home to help support your child’s learning further. If you are going grocery shopping this week, please encourage your children to write your shopping list. Please encourage your child to use a pinch grip when holding a pencil. Thank you.

Reading- please encourage your children to read daily. You can also log in to bug club and access books online. Please find their login details inside your child’s reading record book. Thank you.



Please could your child bring the following with them to school:

· One healthy snack for them to eat during the day.

· Please make sure your child’s water bottle is filled with water only.

· Could all items of clothing and children’s belongings be named.

· All children need to bring in their trainers in a plastic bag, which will then be left at school. This is to enable the children to do the daily mile.

· Please can you make your child’s food choices at home with them. This will help ensure the morning time is used effectively for their learning.

· All children will have P.E. on Fridays, so they need to be wearing their P.E. kit to school. They can wear their school shoes to come to school in as their trainers will be kept at school. They don’t need to bring their uniform to change into.

· As the days get warmer please make sure you child comes to school with a sun hat and wearing sun cream as adults in school cannot apply this to children.



Best Wishes,


Year 1 Team




Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps will be revised half-termly in 2021-22.


Autumn 1 2021-22


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Year 1 Curriculum Presentation

Year 1 Home Learning 

To contact the Year 1 Team, please use this email address:  



Click below go to the THPT Learning Resources page - various games and activities from across the curriculum:

THPT Learning Zone


Maths Fluency Guide For Parents



Phonics guide for home learning

Spelling: This spelling site is offering the opportunity for parents to download an app with a free subscription.



If you have an iPad please upload PocketPhonic Stories. This is an app that is excellent for teaching handwriting, phonics and reading. You will need to log in for your child but then they should be able to complete these on their own. There are certificates you can print off to motivate your child.


Staying Active:

Active Surrey - Home Activities

Movement Breaks poster




 YouTube video One Less!! (song for kids about identifying the # that is "ONE LESS")