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Weekly Update Friday 1st December 2023

Summary of this week:

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our phonics workshops this week.  We hope that the short notice didn’t prevent parents from attending but were keen for the workshops to take place this half term and hall time is at a premium with all the rehearsals for our two Infant School Christmas productions!  We hope that you found the workshops helpful in understanding how to support your child’s learning at home and will today be sending home some ideas for games and activities as well as information on the pronunciation and formation of the phonemes and graphemes. If you have any further questions about phonics and early reading, do please speak with your child’s class teacher.


Christmas is coming and the children have enjoyed starting to make cards and decorations as well as practicing for our Nativity next week.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Our learning next week:

Maths: We will be exploring length, height and width.


Literacy: We will be starting to use the story Dear Santa to write Christmas letters.


Phonics: The graphemes and phonemes we will learn this week are z, qu and ch and we shall be learning how to read the plural s.  The tricky words we will learn are no, go, to and into.


Vocabulary: Christmas Fair, gifts, money, shopping


Maths: Play a game using some dice.  Encourage the children to subitise (say the number without counting) the number shown on the dice.


Literacy: Look for our tricky words the, I, is, pull, put, full, and, has, his, her and as in your library book this week.


Vocabulary: Play eye spy and describe the sound you are saying being the ‘initial sound’ in the word to help the children become familiar with this vocab.

Notices & Reminders:

  • Christmas lunch will be served to the children next Thursday 7th December and they can wear a Christmas hat or hairband that day!
  • It would help us enormously if the children are all in school bright and early at 8.35am on Tuesday so that we have time to help them all change into their Nativity costumes.  Thanks in advance for your support!

  • A polite reminder – if your child brings a packed lunch to school please ensure it does not contain food containing nuts, pure chocolate or sweets. Thank you.

  • Over the next 2 weeks we have lots of exciting Christmas events such as our Nativity show, Christmas craft afternoon and the Christmas fair.  Over this busy time, we are endeavouring to complete 3 reading practice sessions in class per week but this may not be possible due to the festivities.  Please keep reading at home and enjoy some Christmas stories too!


With best wishes, The Reception Team



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2023 Induction Evening Presentation slides


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