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Weekly Update Friday 24th May 2024

Summary of this week:

It’s been rather a busy week for the end of the half term and the children have really showcased their wonderful learning and enthusiasm to explore, create and develop new skills.  We have all felt especially proud of them all! 

We hope that you all have a very happy and restful half term break. 


Our learning next week:

Maths In Maths we will be comparing numbers that are far apart or close together, reasoning about numbers and think carefully about which is more or less. 

We will continue to write sentences to tell the story of The Hundred Decker Bus. 

Phonics We will learn to read words with adjacent consonants and learn the tricky words out and today.
Vocabulary more, less, left, right, skip, jump, hop





Maths:  Compare different quantities of everyday objects (plates, toys etc) and discuss whether the numbers are close together or not. 

Literacy: Draw a picture and write a sentence about it. 

Vocabulary: Try to incorporate some of the week’s vocabulary into your conversations with the children. 

Notices & Reminders:

We look forward to seeing the children back at school on Monday 3rd June. 

We will be taking part in Surrey Wildlife Trusts ‘30 days wild’ a program of activities to help get our children out and about in nature.  We will be learning about the environment, how to help and protect local wildlife and how to use nature to create art.  Over the course of June, you will be able to sign up to take home the class animal and do something ‘wild’.  Look out for the 30 days wild posters on classroom doors and sign-up charts which will be up from Monday 3rd June.  

As part of our 30 days wild program, we are sending home a sensory bingo over half term.  See how many of the wild activities you can complete over the week.  



With best wishes, The Reception Team




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2023 Induction Evening Presentation slides


Infant Reading Parent Workshop Presentation


Early Years Curriculum Parents Information Evening Slides

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Curriculum maps will be updated on a half-termly basis in 2023-24.

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Reception Prime Areas

Please find below slides from the Parents Curriculum Presentation:

Early Years Curriculum Evening 2021 PRIME

Early Years Curriculum Evening 2021 SPECIFIC

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