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Eastwick School

Eastwick School


Welcome to Recepiton!


It’s great to have all of our reception children in school every day and we are all really enjoying getting to know one another and developing new relationships and friendships.

The children appear more confident and settled as each day passes and they become more familiar with the environment and routines. To help everyone to settle quickly in the mornings we would like to suggest that we move to the regular start time of 8.45am. Some of the children are already happy to say goodbye at the door and this helps to keep the classrooms less busy and crowded. If your child is happier to say goodbye to you inside the classroom though, please feel free to come in with them. When it is time to go, it is helpful to say goodbye and leave quickly, moving out of sight of the classroom. If your child is distressed as you leave, we will of course telephone you as soon as we are able.

The photographs that the children have brought in of their families are on display in the classrooms and we are enjoying telling one another about the important people in our lives. If you haven’t yet brought in a photograph, please do as soon as you are able to. We are planning a literacy activity using them in the next couple of weeks.

Just a reminder to please ensure that the children have their wellies, a coat, a bottle of water and a small piece of named fruit in school every day. As you know, we try to set up our outdoor classroom before the children come into class in the morning so that it is ready for them to use. It would help us if you could encourage any younger siblings not to play with the equipment. We do understand that it’s difficult but thank you for your support.

It is brilliant that the children are so keen to come to their classroom but as you know we try to set up the outdoor classroom ready for the children to begin learning at 9.00am. If you could please wait behind the green gate until 8:45 this would really help us to ensure the classroom is fully equipped for the children. If you need to use the toilet please use the toilets in the courtyard.

This week we have started using a reward system that involves several steps. The children will receive stickers and then they have the opportunity to write a raffle ticket which gives them the chance to win the class bear! The class bear will come home for a weekend with your child and makes a great show and tell if you wish to contribute to the diary. Look out for the bear!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our curriculum evening next Thursday when we will explain a little more about the Early Years Foundation Stage expectations and you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you have.

In the meantime, please remember our open door policy and if you have any questions, no matter how small, please do talk to one of the team.

With best wishes,

The Early Years Team

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