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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools


Weekly Update

Thursday 25th November


Dear parents and carers,

This week we will be rehearsing our Nativity play in preparation for our up-and-coming shows.  Please remember to bring in your costumes by Monday 29th November. 


Our learning next week:

Talk for writing


This week our focus text will be the Nativity story.



We will be watching the episodes ‘The terrible two’ and focusing on pairs and counting in 2’s.



Our phonics for the week are sh, th, ng and nk.   Next week our tricky words will be: she, he and of.


A few notices:

Curriculum evening video

We recorded a curriculum evening video to send to parents but unfortunately the video was too large to be uploaded.  We are in the process of recording a new video and hope this will be with you by Christmas.  Thank you so much for your patience whilst we work through this.


Christmas party donations

We would really appreciate any donations towards our Christmas craft activities and party.  If you would like to sign up for a donation there will be a sign on the classroom door.

Any craft items would be appreciated as soon as possible but any food items would be good to have in on the morning of the 17th December – the day our party is taking place.  Thank you so much for your support.



We have noticed that the children in reception need additional practice with scissors.  If you have an opportunity to practice these skills at home, it would really benefit your child.  There are a variety of scissors on the market for this age group and if you would like more advise please ask your class teacher.  Afterall a pair of scissors could make a great stocking filler.


Phonics and Early Reading

‘The most important thing you can do is read with your child’

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds phonics programme


Reading is the key which unlocks learning in school and your children are all working hard at the beginning of this journey.  We know that you support us in our passion to ensure every child in Reception learns the tools they need to learn to read.

We are enclosing the link to enable you to access the parent page for the Little Wandle phonics programme that we are using to teach early reading at Eastwick.  It will show you how we teach and crucially, how to correctly pronounce all of the phonemes (sounds) in order to build and blend words to write and to read.  Please have a look.

Once they can recognise and begin to blend the graphemes (letters), the children will bring home two types of reading book.  One is phonetically decodeable which means that the children should be able to decode all of the words in it using their phonetic knowledge, as well as the tricky words that they have been taught.  These books are labelled Ph2 or Ph3. 

The other book will have a coloured label.  This is a shared book for YOU to read.  Track the words with your finger as you read them.  Your child may begin to recognise some common words.  As you read, remember to:


Thank you as always for your support.  If you have questions about our phonics programme, please do ask any of the teachers.

Best wishes,

The Reception Team




 Curriculum Maps 

Curriculum maps will be updated on a half-termly basis in 2021-22. 

Autumn 1 2021-22 Spring term 1 Summer term 1 2020
Autumn 2 2021-22 Spring term 2 Summer term 2 2020

Curriculum Information 2021-22

Please find below slides from the Parents Curriculum Presentation:

Early Years Curriculum Evening 2021 PRIME

Early Years Curriculum Evening 2021 SPECIFIC

Reception Home Learning 

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Literacy and Reading


Homework in Reception

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