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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools


Year 4

Weekly Update - Friday 19th April 2024

Summary of this week:

Dear Year, 4 Parents and Carers, 


We are super impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and motivation to learn since their return on Monday. The children have quickly gotten back into their learning and shown their excitement at learning about the Romans! We are looking forward to learning more about the Romans during our Y4 Roman Day next week! 


Year 4 Teachers  

Our learning next week:

Maths:  In Maths, we will be moving onto our measurement unit and delving into converting measurements.


English: : In English, we will be researching landmarks in London so that we are ready to write our own information text. 



In RE, we will be exploring how non-religious people celebrate new life and what does a Humanist ceremony show us about what is important to non-religious people about life and how to live? 

In PSHE, we will be looking into how everyday choices can affect the environment.   

In History, we will be understanding the significance of the Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army.  

In Science, we will be observing some materials change state when they are heated and measuring the temperature at which this happens in degrees.  



Please complete the Maths homework sheet that will be given out on a Monday. We also encourage the children to log into Times Table Rockstars and play some of the games to practise their times tables! Spellings are to be practised each week. 



Maths: Homework is set on Monday and due Friday. Aim to spend 30 minutes on this. 


Spellings words:  









Notices & Reminders:


Please ensure that parents/carers are not passing the red line on the playground or sitting on the benches at pick up. Children should continue to notify their teacher before going to their adult.  


Multiplication Check: A parent has shared a wonderful link to a website that allows children to play a multiplication game which mirrors the Multiplication Check 

Multiplication Tables Check - Mathsframe 


Roman Day: Thursday 25th April 2024 

Children should come dressed in Roman clothing  




Please use  to contact the staff with any queries or comments.

Kindest regards, 

Miss Patel, Mr Jenkins, Ms Perry, Mrs Stephens and Mrs Southgate


Year 4 RSE

How we change and Grow

Human Life Cycle: Adolescence Animation - Twinkl

The Menstrual Cycle (

What is a wet dream? (


Curriculum Maps 

 Curriculum maps will be updated half-termly in 2023-24.

Autumn 1 2023-24 Spring 1 2023-24 Summer 1 2023-24
Autumn 2 2023-24 Spring 2 2023-24 Summer 2 2022-23

Parent Information Evening September 2023

Parent Information Evening Slides

Year 4 Home Learning




Spelling: This spelling site is offering the opportunity for parents to download an app with a free subscription.


Introduction to the Daily 10

Plant Care

THPT Learning Resources page - various games and activities from across the curriculum:

THPT Learning Zone

Fun French activities: 

Lumens French Award


Maths Fluency Guide For Parents

 Times Tables Rockstars


Hit the Button

 Daily 10

 A great website for generator Times Table worksheets (online and to print).

 Doodle Maths (App also available)


 Staying Active:

Active Surrey - Home Activities

Movement Breaks poster