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Eastwick Schools


Year 2

Weekly Update Friday 23rd February 2024

A Summary of Our learning:

Welcome to Spring term part 2! This week the children LOVED the Fire and Plague workshop. What an amazing way to start learning about The Great Fire of London. The children enjoyed writing a recount about it in English. The children also learnt the new talk story in English- The Elves and the Shoemaker. The children learnt how to use the suffixes -ment, -ful and -less. In maths, the children finished their learning about mass by learning how to answer word problems. In science, the children learnt about living things, things that once were living and things that were never living.  

Our learning next week:



the children will be using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions when writing sentences about the Elves and the Shoemaker. They will then move on to writing their own versions of this story.


Their spelling words are usual, treasure, measure, pleasure, television, new, knew


The children will learn about temperature.


The children will learn about local habitats.



  • Reading
  • Times Tables
  • Discuss the temperature using the correct language (warmer, cooler, Celsius)

Notices & Reminders:

  • PSHE- In the first 2 weeks after half term, the children will be having their annual PANTS lesson. This is an important unit that teaches children how to identify safe adults, how to ask for help if something is worrying them, recognise that some body parts are private, be able to name the private parts, and learn that no means no.


  • Ferris Wheels- this half term, the children will be making Ferris Wheels, and this requires a lot of adult assistance! Please look out for more information on when we would some parent volunteers to assist with our constructions!


Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 2 Team


To contact the Year 2 Team, please use this email address:  


Infant Reading Workshop Presentation

Below you will find the slides from our parent reading  evening that was held on Wednesday 11th January:

Infant Reading Parent Workshop Presentation


Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps will be updated on a half-termly basis in 2023-24.

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Autumn 2 2023-24

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Parent Information Evening September 2023
Parent Information Evening Slides

Year 2 Home Learning




Spelling: This spelling site is offering the opportunity for parents to download an app with a free subscription.

Live author streams:

Free audiobooks:

Free e-books:



Maths Fluency Guide For Parents


Times Tables Rock Stars:  Keep practicing your times tables!


Click here to access our new maths resource, NumBots.  If you need to enter the school name, enter Eastwick Junior School:


Topmarks – lots of different maths games, at different levels. The games cover: money, time, multiplication and measuring, to name but a few.

 Health and fitness

Joe Wicks 5-minute school workout

Joe Wicks PE with Joe

5-a-day Fitness:

Cosmic yoga:

Active Surrey:

Active Surrey - Home Activities


Movement Breaks poster


Other resources

THPT Learning Resources - Various games and activities:

Empowering Little Minds - offers lots of lovely ideas to do with your children. Open up the link and select an activity.

Free online tours of museums: