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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Multi-Academy Trust created in November 2013 and led by Howard of Effingham School, an outstanding school which is also a designated Academy Sponsor. Visit website

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Eastwick School

Eastwick School

Local Governing Body

The Eastwick Schools Local Governing Body fulfils a monitoring role to ensure accountability and financial probity in the operation of the school and works with the school community to establish the strategic direction of Eastwick Schools.

Our objective is to build on the success of Eastwick and help drive a process of continuous improvement.

We are made up of staff and parent representation, as well as members of the local community to ensure a broad range of skills and experience is available to the school. The following people are members of our 2017 - 2018 Local Governing Body.

Role Name
Chair Of Governors Liz McDermid
Joint Vice Chair  William Apps
Joint Vice Chair  David Parrett
Headteacher Tim Smith
Locally Appointed Governor Ruth Simpson
Locally Appointed Governor Simon Bachelor
Parent Governor Paula Abreu
Parent Governor Rachel Slater
Staff Governor Ellen Smith

The Local Governing Body formally meets each term. 

Governors also undertake to visit the school at least once each term and to spend time in the classroom familiarising themselves with how the school operates. Governors are encouraged to see for themselves what success looks like and the hard work of both pupils and staff in achieving this, and to recognise challenges that might affect learning outcomes.

Recent work

Over the past year or so the Local Governing Body has been exploring how best to safeguard and improve the educational provision at Eastwick in the context of changes to educational policy regarding how schools are funded and operated.

On the Teaching & Learning side, the Local Governing Body continues to support the school in delivering the new curriculum and the move to assessment without levels. 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a School Governor, please email the school office at either or

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