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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools




The music curriculum at Eastwick meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and our curriculum ethos. It prepares children to be ‘Ready for Everything’ in their futures in terms of: 

  • Success in the next stage of their education and beyond: by providing knowledge of musicianship, listening, singing, notation, playing instruments, improvising and composing, performing and evaluation
  • their ability to navigate life’s personal Challenge: to perform in front of an audience, to develop their own wellbeing through music and to appreciate and enjoy a wide range of musical styles and genres
  • understanding their place in communities at global, national and local levels and seize the Opportunity of the future: by learning and demonstrating the school value of respect in how they use instruments, collaborate in their learning and performances; by developing resilience through understanding that practice leads to success; building self-confidence through performance


  • In Reception, specific teaching opportunities are used to introduce elements of music.
  • In Years 1-6, our curriculum follows the Charanga English Model Music Curriculum version 2 scheme. 
  • Knowledge is built progressively throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Pupils revisit all key knowledge themes (see below) in each unit taught.  Each time, key knowledge themes are covered with greater complexity, therefore increasing children’s depth of knowledge.  Prior knowledge is recalled and utilised so that pupils build on previous foundations.
  • Children use glockenspiels from Years 1 to 6 in the Charanga scheme for consistency and to promote progression of knowledge. 
  • Further exposure in musical style and opportunities for children to sing are provided in weekly singing assemblies for Years 1-6. 

Key Knowledge Themes:

Musicianship (Understanding Music)

Listening and Responding


Playing Instruments

Creating: Improvising

Creating: Composing


 Units taught (Years 1-6):

Year 1

My Musical Heartbeat

Dance, Sing and Play!

Exploring Sounds

Learning to Listen

Having Fun with Improvisation

Let’s Perform Together

Year 2

Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch

Playing in an Orchestra

Inventing a Musical Story

Recognising Different Sounds

Exploring Improvisation

Our Big Concert

Year 3

Writing Down Music

Playing in a Band

Compose Using Your Imagination

More Musical Styles

Enjoying Improvisation

Opening Night

Year 4

Musical Structures

Exploring Feelings when You Play

Compose with Your Friends

Feelings Through Music

Expression and Improvisation

The Show Must Go On!

Year 5

Melody and Harmony in Music

Sing and Play in Different Styles

Composing and Chords

Enjoying Musical Styles

Freedom to Improvise

Battle of the Bands

Year 6

Music and Technology

Developing Ensemble skills

Creative Composition

Musical Styles Connect Us

Improvising with Confidence

Farewell Tour