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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all pupils. When concern is expressed regarding a child’s progress, discussion takes place between the parents, the class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Diagnostic assessment can be undertaken if required.

If a special need is identified then the child’s name is placed on the Special Needs Register and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is drawn up in consultation with all concerned. The plan includes targets for improvement, identifies the help required and who will provide it. Progress against the IEP targets is carefully monitored and parents are kept fully informed. Advisory services, including the Educational Psychology Service, may be consulted if necessary. Teachers attached to the Special Needs Support Unit have a great deal of expertise which is shared with the rest of the staff.

In each class there are always some children who are exceptionally able. Identification takes place during the autumn term each year and these children are given the opportunity to take part in extension and enrichment activities.

Special Needs Support Unit

The school has a unit for children with special needs including physical difficulties. The unit provides places for children from a wide area of Surrey, who have a statement of special educational need or Education Health and Care Plan. Physiotherapists, speech and language, and, occupational therapists are based part-time at the school and provide advice to staff and therapy for those children who require it. The educational psychologist and school doctor visit regularly and when necessary staff liaise with other agencies such as sensory support teachers.

All teaching is planned to meet the same national requirements as the mainstream school (i.e. Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum). However, the pace of work and strategies may be different. Each child has an Individual Education Plan and will be working on key skills and targets. The unit is able to provide small group work and some 1:1 activities in order to meet these targets.

Successful inclusion is a key aim and this takes different forms depending on the needs of the children. With support some may be able to work in their mainstream class for the whole of the school day, others for certain lessons or activities.

All children are together at social times such as playtime and lunchtime. Special needs support assistants work in the mainstream classes when children integrate, as well as in the unit. They also provide support in the playground and dining room.

Our school is a community which reflects the variety of strengths and difficulties individuals have. The unit is an integral part of the school and a highly valued resource.

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