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We have been practising hard for our assemblies next week and are looking forward to welcoming you all and sharing some of our amazing learning with you!  Yellow Class assembly takes place on Tuesday 20th, Orange on Wednesday 21st and Red on Thursday 22nd.  All the assemblies will start as close to 9am as we can manage and your support in making sure the children are in school promptly at 8.45am will really help us!  Younger siblings are welcome to attend though if they become noisy, please feel confident to step outside with them so that the children performing can be heard.  There’s nothing worse than missing your child’s first words on stage!

Friday 23rd March is the new date for Parents and World Book Day.  Sign up sheets are in the classrooms and we are hoping that many of you will be able to make the date.  The children (and yourselves if you wish!) can dress up as your favourite book character.  Please don’t feel you have to go to aa lot of trouble and certainly not expense.  Most of the teacher’s costumes are put together with things from home and home-made props!  We’re looking forward to a fun day with lots of story sharing and celebrating reading!

The final date for your diary is our fund-raising Scoot-a-thon on the last day of term, Thursday 29th March.  All children take part and we ask that you bring in a scooter and helmet if possible on that day.  If you don’t have access to a scooter, please don’t worry but mention it to your class teacher.  We do have some spares at school and can also arrange for the children to borrow one.  We’d be pleased to help.

We are trying to put together sets of resources for the children to use in their independent, both inside and out, and wondered if we could ask for your help?  Our first project is to create a set of cleaning equipment for role play which the children can use to bath dolls, wash the dolls clothes, run a car wash etc!  If you have any cloths, brushes, empty squeezy bottles, pegs or anything else suitable that you can think of and have spare at home, we would be very pleased to receive it and plan activities with the children.  In addition we would love to have any empty hand soap dispensers (pump variety) or empty hair dye bottles!  We use them to decant paint into so that the children can mix their paints independently.  Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who met us this week to discuss the children’s learning and progress.  It’s great to have the support of so many wonderful parents – for us as well as your children!

With best wishes

The Reception Team


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